For all the girl caddies out there…it’s possible to carry double bags. You are still able to do the caddie experience no matter what the guys are saying or what anyone else is saying. It’s still achievable and it might even be an asset for you.”

Karah VueBenson

  • Home Caddie Course:
    Town & Country Club
  • Years in the Program:

Favorite ForeUs Memory

I’m not sure it’s a favorite memory, but I do recall going to my first orientation at Town & Country and it was basically a review for me from all the stuff I learned at MMJGA (ForeUs). I was the only girl caddie that first year so that also pushed me on. I wanted to show them that I am a girl but I am still physically able to carry a bag or do as well as any of the guys, or even better.

Exceptional Talent
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